Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lon Chaney Sr.

Known on stage and screen as "The Man of a Thousand Faces," He called his specialty 'extreme characterization.' Despite how he wretched and anguished some of his roles may appear, the reports of him enduring excruciating pain for his art are wildly exaggerated. A former dancer and avid outdoorsman, He maintained a strong, lean physique and was very flexible. Of course, he got injured occasionally; and some makeup and wardrobe effects were more uncomfortable than others. However, at no time did he ever resort to self-torture.

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Ann B. Keller, Kodron Productions, Inc. said...

Agreed. If we can only imagine Lon Chaney, Sr. appearing as he did because he was in agony, he's done a superb job of acting. Makeup and stunts have certainly come a long way from those "glory days", too.

Your three portraits of Mr. Chaney illustrate how versatile an actor he truly was. Very nicely done.

Ann B. Keller