Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lon Chaney Sr. In West of Zanzibar

West of Zanzibar is a 1928 film directed by Tod Browning about the vengefulness of a cuckolded magician (Lon Chaney) paralyzed in a brawl with his rival (Lionel Barrymore). The supporting cast includes Mary Nolan and Warner Baxter.

Barrymore was the elder brother of Ethel and John Barrymore "Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", and the uncle of John Drew Barrymore, and the grand-uncle of Drew Barrymore. His parents were Maurice Barrymore (né Blythe) and Georgiana Drew. He was married to actresses Doris Rankin and Irene Fenwick.

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Daniel said...

While Lon Chaney is more famously known for THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME. WEST OF ZANZIBAR is actually one of his best movies!!
This is one of those rare Chaney films where he doesn't hide behind the make-up. Instead, his wonderful acting skills are put to the test as he goes from cheerful, loving husband to tough, bitter old man bent upon revenge. His character's ultimate sacrifice at the end of the movie is both realistic and quite touching.
You have done some WONDERFUL paintings, Jim. But this one of Lon as Phroso the magician is my absolute favorite!!
Lon Chaney had a wonderfully expressive face and you certainly caught him at his best here.
I must admit that when I first saw this painting, it was SO beautiful that you almost had me in tears.
Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!!!