Monday, September 3, 2007

KwMonster's rejected lawsuit painting

This is a rejected Big-Eye Kid painting from the 70s. Painter KWMonster says, "In the image, an alien mongrel has relieved itself, so now it's owner must put it to death with a space pistol. This makes them both very sad."
Although it has the all the requirements needed to be a bigeye-kid painting, it didn't fly with the head honchos. "Test audience" parents called and reported the image to the manufacturers and said lawsuits would soon follow. Apparently children who viewed the image immediately wet themselves in horror, and then became fearful that they too would soon need to be put to death. Long story short, creator KWMonster was instantly fired from the company.

K.W.Monster is a man that spends most of his time devising evil plots in his secret villian's lair, underground. He pride's himself in his wonderous ability to commit advanced acts of devious and demonic trickery without guilt.


I'll take your Adam's apple
And the Apple of your eye
I'll mix them both together
And have an apple pie

There once was a guy named Jim
Dastardly evil and grim
His friends saw his drawings were ever so grand
And then they would all gladly give him a hand
But he'd rather they give him a limb


Jack said...

I think I just wet myself...

Ann B. Keller, Kodron Productions, Inc. said...

Good heavens, what an idea! Still, I've seen some things on Saturday morning that aren't far away from this line of thinking.

What a neat contrast to your other work.

Ann B. Keller

KW said...

Hey! long time no hear!
hope yer doing well, sir.

yer brother